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Flipping Me, Flipping You series, 2018-2019. Included elements: The Average Attendee, 2018, single channel digital video, 3’00 mins; Say Yes!, 2018, set of cards / digital prints, 2.5”  x 3.5”, edition of 5; and A Special Bonus!, 2018, digital print, edition of 500. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.


Avye Alexandres’ work responds to the numerous free real estate courses advertised throughout the United States, each promising to help its attendees achieve easy wealth and success, as long as they invest in additional classes.  Alexandres appropriates the rhetoric and tactics of these seminars in her participatory game and installation, amplifying the absurdist and manipulative qualities of these events by narrowing down and repeating select phrases. These slogans skillfully leave attendees feeling both hopeful and apprehensive about their futures, positing that any success will be due to the course, while failure is the careless result of the individual.

Avye Alexandres was born in Athens, Greece, and moved to the United States at the age of six. Her multi-disciplinary art practice stems from a background in Photography and Theatre. Evolving from site-based performances her work now encompasses immersive sculpture, locative media, experimental digital narratives, conceptual works, photography and video, as well as participatory experiences and installations. In 2015 she received her MFA in Art and Emerging Practices from the University at Buffalo, during which time she received a Juror’s Selection award at Big Orbit Gallery, a Morris Arts Scholarship and Fellowship, and a project grant from the Techné Institute. She was the 2016 recipient of the Oseroff Memorial Purchase Award from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and CEPA Gallery.

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